About us

A smart logistics company with big custom solutions

We are an international logistics company with intelligent transport solutions and comprehensive know-how of the entire supply chain.  The task and the primary goal is the customer- oriented organisation of transport, forwarding and logistics services. Warehousing and shipping-optimised packaging solutions complete our core business.

Our service combines strength and reliability with quality and flexibility. The cooperation within the Ebrex organisation enables us to design tailor-made solution concepts from a single source. Due to the additional network of local offices in Europe, as well as contractors worldwide, we are able to respond to customer requirements and needs.


  • 2020

          Merger with NTG Nordic Transport Group

  • 2019

          Establishment of Ebrex Sweden AB

  • 2015

          Establishment of Ebrex Spain S.U.L.

  • 2013

          Ebrex (Deutschland) GmbH becomes member in international network ILN

  • 2011

          Establishment of Ebrex Logistics Sp z.o.o. (Poland)

  • 2010

          Acquisition of Ebrex (Deutschland) GmbH

  • 2009

          Establishment of Ebrex Business Solutions Ltd. (+ management buyout)

  • 2007

          Establishment of Ebrex Turkey Ltd. 

  • 2005

          Establishment of Ebrex (UK) Ltd.

          Establishment of Ebrex Polska Sp z.o.o.

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