The mission and primary goal of EBREX Business Solutions Ltd. is to provide transport, freight forwarding and logistics services that more than satisfy the requirements of our Customers. To achieve this, we fully involve and motivate our own employees in all aspects of customer service.

We provide genuine flexibility and develop tailor-made solutions fully geared to the specific needs of each individual customer. We do this by developing and maintaining close cooperation with the employees of our customers. Healthy, continuous interaction ensures that our services truly match individual requirements and develop into a business partnership based on trust, reliability, and mutual profitability.

Our motivation is our Mission;

  • To be the first choice for Transport & Logistics provider
  • To realize cost-savings for our customers
  • To be flexible in offering that which truly matches the customer’s requirements
  • To focus on internal processes to ensure we keep our promises
  • To optimize the efficiency of our customer


  1. we treat our customers as long-term business partners
  2. we provide simple logistic solutions in simple wording
  3. we try to understand the business of our customers (engagement)
  4. we achieve goals thanks to the wide experience, branch knowledge and no-nonsense approach of our employees (performance driven with positive energy)
  5. we operate according the highest ethical standards (responsibility)
  6. we constantly develop innovative logistics solutions with the highest quality standards (Improvement)
  7. we believe in short lines and fast decisions
  8. the customer is leading! We listen to the Customer, advise the customer, act with passion and operate as the Logistics architect for the customer

We work for: