We want to be a strong company in Western and Eastern Europe so that we can continue to provide high quality forwarding and logistics services to our customers. We recognize that strength and reliability must go hand in hand with quality and flexibility. And for this, it is vital that we engage our employees at all levels. They are the ones who must listen to our customers and fully understand their shipping needs. They must have the insight to leverage the experience and expertise within the company in order to develop tailor-made and sometimes unexpected solutions that contribute to the success and profitability of our customers. And we acknowledge that the only success that counts is the success of our customers.

  • We are customer focused, connecting our logistic knowledge with your logistic employees.
  • We believe in a high standard of Network Integration.
  • We achieve cooperation and understanding between logistic providers and the customer.
  • We handle the complete process of transport & logistics,focusing on flexibility, efficiency, cost savings and improving performance.

We work for: