Agency agreement with Fretlog India PVT Ltd, in Mumbai India

Ebrex Deutschland GmbH has signed a non-exclusive agency agreement with Fretlog India PVT Ltd, in Mumbai India. The agreement which was signed by Mr. Pradeep Alwar (Fretlog India PVT Ltd.) and Heino de Waal (Ebrex Deutschland) represents a big step forward in further reinforcing the worldwide network of the Ebrex group.

“India will be a new challenge for the Ebrex group but we know that there is already a very strong market demand from our customers for this new area”.

With Fretlog India, we are 100% sure that we have found the right partner for this very specific Market. Our platforms in both Gelsenkirchen and Mannheim, will be used as central European Hubs for our own Ebrex offices as well as for Fretlog in order to achieve the connections to all other European destinations. The direct link between our companies will be through our office in Mannheim

More about Fretlog

Fretlog is an International logistics company having a presence in INDIA, TURKEY and JAPAN. The company was founded in 2013 in Mumbai which is also the Headquarters of the company. The chairman of the company is Mr. Muharrem Dursun and the Board of Directors are Pradeep Alwar and Praveen Reginold.

Fretlog have offices is Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Istanbul, Izmir and Tokyo. They work with leading Automotive and Garment sector companies throughout India, providing services which include freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution. They also operate warehouses for companies like IHI in Germany, BOSCH in Scotland, SKYWAY PRECISION in Detroit, USA and very soon FORD in Turkey. They have multi-talented staff in India that can handle and execute project shipments, Heavy lifts and Break bulk. For further information please visit

For any booking/rate requests etc. please contact:

Ebrex Deutschland Gmbh Niederlassung Mannheim Rosenstrasse 2 69517 Gorxheimertal Germany

Date: 25-08-2015

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