Donation to Eltern Initiative Krebskranker Kinder

During a benefits Concert of the Choir Family  & Friends on the 18.04.2015 at Erlöser Church in Herten ,  Ebrex Deutschland donated to the Eltern Initiative Krebskranker Kinder in Datteln (Parents Initiative for Cancer sick kids in Datteln).

The Leader of the Choir Chris Riedel who has twice had blood cancer as a child organised this with his choir members a concert in front of 400 people and they paid all their costs themselves so that 100 % of the donated money goes directly to the organisation.

This beneficial Concert has already been held for the third time now and we as Ebrex think that this is an excellent platform to do something social as 100 % of the donated money directly goes to the Initiative. 

Date: 30-04-2015

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