Ebrex joined the NTG Family

The last signatures were made in the last week. The NTG Group acquired 85% of the shares of the Ebrex Business Solutions Ltd. 

NTG was founded in 2011 by Jorgen Hansen in Denmark. The company compromises more than 80 companies with core competencies in every logistics fields.

Jesper E. Petersen,Group CEO Road & Logistics in NTG : “We are happy to welcome EBREX in the NTG group. It is a well-run company built on the same values as NTG. In addition to a solid business, Ebrex brings extensive logistics expertise which will strengthen the group’s offering in this space.”

Arvid R. Meijer and Heinrich de Waal are continuing as Managing Directors and Shareholders at Ebrex.

Heino de Waal, COO in Ebrex : “Ebrex is built on developing efficient and highly value-creating solutions to our customers, and therefore we see a strong cultural fit with NTG. We look forward to becoming part of the group.”

This collaboration between the two companies ensures us to keep servicing our clients to the highest standards and we can look ahead to a bright future for our clients and employees.


Date: 03-03-2020

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