Ebrex Logistics network expansion at full speed

This year, the Ebrex logistics network continues to expand worldwide. 

In addition to the existing locations in Great Britain, Poland, Spain, Turkey and Germany, Sweden now becomes part of the Ebrex family. The new warehouse is located in the centre of Sweden in Örebro.

The new facility in Örebro will replicate the working concept from our existing Polish warehouses which have been progressing well over the past few years.

We expect to receive the first deliveries at our new site on the 1st of March. A new and state of the art, high level rack has been installed in the 129.166 square feet depot and the facility will serve as the hub for the Ford aftermarket business in Scandinavia.

From the 1st of May the warehouse will be completely operational. 

Date: 28-02-2019

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