Ebrex Turkey as the new freight management partner of PPG Sigma Coatings


PPG Sigma Coatings selects Ebrex Turkey as its freight management partner.

Specialist paint company  PPG Sigma Coastings has chosen Ebrex Turkey to manage all of its sea and road freight inbound traffic into the country, with a view to optimising freight costs and improving overall transport performance.

Sigma Coatings entered the Turkish market in 2008, in order to enhance its sales activities in the Commonwealth of Independent states (CIS) region of former Soviet republics.

The company manufactures paints and coatings that are used in the marine and shipbuilding industry. Ebrex Turkey now ensures that these products make their way speedily and efficiently to the shipyards in the region, which use the paint on both new vessels and during maintenance work.

Date: 20-10-2010

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