Exclusive contract with UBV

Ebrex Deutschland GmbH and Ebrex UK Ltd. have signed an exclusive contract with UBV, Torino in Italy. The agreement is a big step forward in further reinforcing our Network in Italy.

“Next to our existing Italian traffic which includes regular departures from and to Milano, Verona, Bologna, Udine, Venice and Napoli the Piemonte Area is probably the most important Market for Ebrex as the Piemonte Area is still the Main Automotive Market in Italy.

UBV is one of the market leading independent freight forwarding companies in the Torino Area. From the beginning of our negotiations we found out that the mindset of both of our companies are in line with the ambitious targets which our customers and we as company demand and have.” announced Heino de Waal.

More about UBV

UBV TORINO, thanks to our young crew and some of the best partners, have developed weekly departures from Italy to all Europe. Then due to Italian networks, we have low distribution costs without penalizing transit-time (which is close to the express one). “EBREX Company, with his strong mentality and objectives, will be a guaranteed success for our Italian - German market”, announced Tommaso Sani.

Date: 08-10-2014

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