New Sales office opens in the Rhein-Main area (Frankfurt/Mannheim)

Ebrex Germany is expanding its focus on the southern German market and has just opened a new sales office close to Mannheim.

“It was absolutely necessary to operate directly in this area of the market”, announced Heinrich de Waal (MD of Ebrex Germany). “Our strength is our direct contact. We are better connected to our regular customers  and we are able to commence new sales activities in this very important area very quickly. The new branch manager is Martin Bessler. He is very familiar with the market and we feel confident that he will bring his expertise and additional know-how to the Ebrex group” announced de Waal. The new branch will offer all the general services of the Ebrex group including road, sea and air transportation as well as various logistic services including packaging logistics etc. Contact Details are: Ebrex Deutschland GmbH Niederlassung Mannheim Rosenstrasse 2 69517 Gorxheimertal Germany

Date: 04-08-2015

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