The Ebrex Turkey daily business

Ebrex Turkey as a strong partner of the paris-based luxury retail company Hermes takes care of  immaculate logistics between France and Turkey.

Within this process, Ebrex Turkey exports luxury goods and repair products, creates expert reports for customer clearance and organizes the air freight and pickup of the cargo. Besides Ebrex Turkey is in charge of the distribution between the airport of paris and the Hermes depot in pantin.

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Before the loading of the containers in France, Ebrex turkey checks all documents (eg ATR, Invoices, packing list, CITES, Certificate of origins) for wording, quantities, nomenclature, endorsement and stamps. After everything is complete and flawless, the green light is given for loading.  Security is of the utmost importance due to the nature of the cargo.

 After the receipt of the dispatch in Turkey, Ebrex Turkey carrys out the customer clearance. Porcelain luxury goods must be treated separately. Afterwards the luxury goods will be send to the 3 stores of Hermes in Istanbul.  The largest store with 500 square meters opened last year in May at Emaar Square Mall in Istanbul.

Date: 04-04-2019

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