Within total supply chain management, vendor chasing can prove an essential factor in success. Ebrex helps companies manage their consolidation and global supplier base, by building up close partnerships at all stages of the supply chain. It is vital that shipments be aligned with routings, sailing schedules and inventory requirements. At the same time, the utilization and capacity of equipment needs to be maximized in order to generate healthy returns throughout the chain. Transparent internal systems allow our customers to get the most from their vendors, whether locally or internationally.

A few results:

  • Reduced lead-time
  • Equipment reduction
  • More timeslots available
  • Tailor-made reporting
  • Packaging solutions

Ebrex focuses on a variety of logistics services including supply chain management, freight forwarding, inventory management, manufacturing consolidation, cross docking operation, warehousing, even packaging engineering. They are able to offer a worldwide ‘one stop shop’ solution to optimize the total supply chain. 

Case results of vendor chasing:

  • Reduced lead-time 
  • Equipment reduction
  • Focused on utilization and consolidation
  • One central point of bookings for suppliers
  • Single point of contact for Customer
  • Single point of control
  • Direct contacts with vendors/suppliers
  • Quick resolution to queries
  • Smooth check in at central warehouse/DC
  • More time slots available
  • Tailor-made corporate reporting
  • Packaging solutions

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