Ebrex RU LLC  specializes in individual transport solutions making custom-made transport a major aspect of our work. Efficiency is always a major priority.  Ebrex RU has increasingly focused on alleviating its customers’ transport concerns by providing customized solutions and logistics services.

Together with other Ebrex International branches and partners we have created a global transport solution. These exclusive partnerships have created a global supply chain organization that utilizes people, processes and technology to provide logistics solutions on the highest levels.

This has made Ebrex RU LLC  a modern logistics service provider that directs and manages all your logistics processes. We are always ready to help our customers, even when things are difficult. Trust is the basis for co-operation.

Map Russia

Services Ebrex Russia 

  • International Transport from European countries to Moscow and other main cities in Russian Federation for FTL, LTL, groupage and deicated vans
  • Vehicle escort with qualified security personnel
  • Reverse flow/return deliveries
  • Double crew on vehicles- to enable vehicle’s maximum driving time
  • FTL, LTL and groupage loads from Moscow throughout all Russia
  • Express freight, premium freight by Road and Air
    • Indication of time for dedicated vans:
      • Germany to Moscow: 3 days
      • UK to Moscow: 4 days
  • Customs clearance and related document management
  • Process and information management and consultancy to prevent delays and unexpected issues - for example at customs
  • Cross-docking, warehousing and storage in Russia
  • On-site planning, transport coordinators within your warehouse, operations management and monitoring 24/7
  • Collecting with stand trailer from warehouse and sorting per destination at our cross-dock facility.
  • Separate solutions for Moscow, dedicated deliveries to St. Petersburg and all regions within the Russian Federation
  • Overnight deliveries of Rush orders in Moscow
  • Road, rail and air modes depending on customers lead time requirements
  • Crating of the goods destined for the regions to prevent damages
  • Daily monitoring and performance reporting (KPIs)
  • We can also conduct a verification of the load against documentation in Poland to avoid issues with Russian customs.
  • We can consolidate in Poland several loads collected throughout Europe to ship them together to Russia.


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