Automotive Standards - IMC

The IMC System was introduced by FORD in order to create a standard packaging system for their suppliers. The various sizes are modular and based on the pallet dimensions of 114 x 98 cm which is the optimized measurement for despatching in ISO deep sea containers. To complete the range of cartons, FORD has also added “High Cube“ cartons, which are optimized for Deep Sea HC containers. These types of cartons are normally split into two parts. The folding box and the lid, however loading flaps are also an option.

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We can offer you all the various IMC types and sizes based on FORD‘s specified qualities which are detailed in FORD‘s “EU1750 European Packaging Terms & Conditions“.

Our deliveries can be tailored to your requirements and we are also able to deliver small quantities over a short term if this is what your business requires. 

If required, we are also able to deliver your IMC‘s to any other European country. The Ebrex group are offering a premium distribution network which is already used by other OEM‘s and their suppliers.

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