For FORD we provide international FTL and Van service, delivering replenishments from Germany to the Russian Parts Distribution Center. Our cooperation with Ford started in 2006.

  • International FTL
  • International Van service
  • Outbound distribution
  • Service Provider 3PL

As transport provider Ebrex has managed to reduce costs and delivery time.

Ebrex in Russia handles domestic distribution of outbound shipments across Russian Federation delivering to FORD dealers by Road, Rail and Air.

To ensure quality, our PDC embedded staff control loading processes. 

In Poland, Ebrex was chosen for Service Provider 3PL.

Operation activities include:

  • domestic market parts storage,
  • distribution management,
  • order and replenishment management,
  • after sales service.

PDC is located in the area of Warsaw where we operate in 10,700 m² warehouse space. 

In Germany, Ebrex handles the operation of slow moving Parts in 10,000 m2 warehouse in Gelsenkirchen.

We work for: