Ebrex ships goods throughout the world. And has been doing this successfully for its many clients, mid-size and multinational. International shipping automatically means contact with customs authorities, both incoming and outgoing. Thanks to the broad network of local business units, we are fully aware of all local regulations and requirements, and understand the documentation required.

It is one of the advantages of working with a logistics company that has an international focus and a local emphasis. And naturally, we ensure that each shipment leaving the EU is accompanied by a full set of correct documentation, including local import certificates should these be required.

Using our network of reliable and proven Customs Brokers we are able to direct the shipment to the most experienced destination customs post in any particular industry sector.

How we do it? 

  1. Prior to departure we check for errors in loading lists, packing lists, invoices, etc.
  2. Verify local procedures with Brokers at destination. 
  3. Assure shipped goods comply with all laws and restrictions.
  4. At the request of our customers, we compare physical content with the documents before departure.
  5. Track, trace and assist during all border crossings.
  6. If problems occur we represent and act in the best interests of our customer.

We work for: