At Ebrex, we promise all our customers an unmatched service. Our dedication spans beyond just our European contacts but also across the globe to our American-based partners at TOC Logistics International. We provide TOC’s many global logistics clients with services throughout Europe and we serve as their main connection throughout the continent. We implement international road freight, storage/distribution, vendor chasing and customs services along with additional value-added logistics activities. Our infrastructure and expertise provides the framework for their European office: TOC Europe. At the same time Ebrex is also able to use the global resources of TOC to ensure the best possible access to sea and air transportation for their own customers.  

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About TOC Logistics International:

TOC Logistics International is a rapidly expanding, minority-owned logistics management organization. They specialize in building relationships with their clients to help them clearly understand their clients’ unique business needs, challenges and objectives. An innovative company by nature, they are constantly searching for additional ways to improve operational efficiency whilst also reducing costs. Similar to Ebrex, they utilize one-to-one client discussions and extensive data analysis in order to create unique logistic solutions addressing specific challenge areas in order to ultimately improve the supply chain.

Developed from a well-respected North American 3PL and a definitive market need, TOC Logistics International has grown to become an industry expert in solving even the most complex supply chain challenges. They provide expertise in technology, dedicated account management, high-touch customer service and process optimization.

Partnership Benefits:

For a partnership to make sense, there needs to be mutually beneficial outcomes. TOC’s client base has significantly expanded within the European market since 2014. Instead of building their business from the ground-up, TOC have tapped into our extensive network throughout the continent. TOC utilizes our packaging, Less than Truckload (LTL) Freight and warehousing/consolidation activities while we utilize their freight forwarding expertise: it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

This partnership gives the TOC executives the reassurance that their clients are being taken care of in Europe and provides Ebrex with additional partners across the globe. No matter what, our mission here at Ebrex remains the same: our clients come first. 


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