Substantial investments have been made in recent years to complete our European Network and Logistics facilities.  We make us not only of our own fleet of trucks and trailers but also of those of our carefully selected transport Partners. Our aim is to offer quality in transportation, plus the flexibility of satisfying changing capacity demands as our customers’ business evolves.  

As our customers increase the number of destinations they serve, so our flexibility can ensure that we can accommodate inevitable fluctuationsin the market. Whether our clients demand national or international assistance. Our partnerships with our transport specialists ensure that we can respond rapidly to unexpected needs. And our internal processes and short lines of communication guarantee the quality for which we are highly regarded.

We have 26 contract Partners in Russian Federation and are able to distribute all over Russia. We also cover the whole of Europe with a variety of services including “Premium Freight”.

EBREX has built a strong position in the market and from this strength can now focus confidently on the future. 

We have the expertise and resources for the largest logistics projects but will never disregard the importance of the ‘personal touch’ providing exclusive, tailor-made solutions.


We work for: