Sustainability at NTG Ebrex

One of the key features of our services are the implementation of warehouse logistics in combination with the optimal use of forwarding transport capacities.

NTG EBREX is constantly looking to improve processes and services and obtain more accreditations, for example we are certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. This helps us to ensure that the ongoing processes that make us successful are guarantee the fullest satisfaction for our customers.

The environment in which we live concerns us all. NTG EBREX is aware of its responsibility for its environmental impact, we examine the work processes of our integrated management system in a circle for continuous improvement potential in order to meet the effects in quality and environmental management and to protect the environment as much as possible.

We have seen implemented potential, for example, in equipping the lighting in the warehouse area with LED lights, creating enormous savings in  electricity consumption. Furthermore, the replacement of a conventional binder, which has impurities, such as leaked engine oil, petrol etc., which  the truck can absorb without leaving any residue, is very important. The new binder is biodegradable and recyclable.

When selecting transport partners both domestically and internationally we check to make sure that they are using the most efficient engines (EURO VI)  and try where possible to use sub-contracted vehicles with alternative fuel sources (bio-fuel, electric, etc).

In the warehouse we have succeeded in separating waste types of residual waste, packaging foils, wood, cardboard, strapping and oily waste.  Of course, waste separation also applies to the office area. Here we sort by residual waste, packaging waste and paper collected and disposed of  separately and recycle as much as possible in the office setting.

Our quality manager regularly trains all employees in quality and environmental issues. The responsible commitment for Environmental protection is lived both internally and externally. This includes the exchange of information with disposal companies on technical innovations, with the state of waste management.

At the operational level, EBREX controls the optimal utilization of our partners' and subcontractors' vehicles by consolidating the loads in one shipment. In this way, we contribute to minimising the burden on the environment and to protect the environment.